student-headIn a previous post, Morgan explained how (and why!) we asked 120+ students to self-organize over a break between semesters… to create their own version of the Oh! The Places You’ll Go! video.

The only rule was: everyone must participate. Then we, as instructors, got out of the way to see if radical self-reliance and communal effort would kick in. Some students started a Facebook page for coordination… others kept track of who was doing what in Google Docs… a couple students volunteered to edit the final product… some students recorded lines for the video, from places as far away as New Zealand and Costa Rica. That’s one of our students in the picture on the left. He shot his video while skiing.

On the first day of class, they were able to share the fruits of their labors with us — and with each other!

In all of our semesters as professors, we usually observe that teamwork and group cohesion emerges by the end of the third or fourth week. This semester, our students had it on the first day!


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