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  1. HI NIcole,

    I just attempted to register on the forum, but registration is not currently allowed – could this be due to the heavy spam in the forum? Sorry to see all that!

    I just received your book the other day and immediately enjoyed your presentation of the material, including your explanations as to why you ignored design rules and instead made font sizes to make things fit and look good. (Isn’t that in itself a good design rule? ) Also, as I favor Calibri over all other fonts (except perhaps for Helvetica) I am immediately inclined to give you lots of latitude in any other design decisions. As far as content, I’ve only just started, but so far so good.



    • Morgan Benton says:

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry about the forum! We included that in the original site design, but then decided not to use it. I should probably remove it. Glad you are enjoying the book!! I know it will give Nicole a warm fuzzy feeling to have her aesthetic book design choices appreciated.


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