Billy Hunt's Scream-a-Tron, which captures the look on your face when you hit a certain decibel level.

Billy Hunt’s Scream-a-Tron, which captures the look on your face when you hit a certain decibel level.

(I just posted this on my Facebook timeline, but have reposted it here to be able to collect thoughts and experiences from those of you who aren’t FB friends of mine. Thank you for your consideration!)

Dear friends and colleagues, especially Playa/Burning Man artists, musicians, performers, and creatives!! We’d like to enlist your help.

Morgan and I are advising a senior honors capstone project where we’re building an interactive zome (including a responsive sound and light show) to stimulate connections between people in our community. We’re reviewing the academic literature right now to get a sense of the difference between “participatory art” and “interactive art”, but figure that some of you who *do* this all the time might be able and willing to guide us in appropriate directions. Here are our questions:

1. What’s the difference between “participatory art” and “interactive art”?
2. What considerations do you feel are most important when you are planning, designing, building, and deploying these kinds of art installations and/or experiences?
3. Do you have any experiences or stories you’d like to share?
4. (Or anything else you might like to mention)

I’m planning on contacting Jess Hobbs and Josette Melchor and Joy Mountford (even though Joy’s not an artist per se, I’m sure she has something interesting to say), but do any of you have any other recommendations, thoughts, or insights (or could connect us with someone who does)? Please post in the comments below or email me. (And let me know if it’s OK to quote you in a publication a year or so from now.)



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